People In Need Worldwide 

People In Need Worldwide

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People In Need Worldwide are a small charity with a great reputation for getting things done! The volunteers recieve no payment and find their own expenses.

Each year Danny and Joe choose a project to work with, raise the money themselves and try there best to do what they can to improve situations.

Here at Complete Freedom Mobility Ltd we also believe in helping those less fortunate than ourselves and are extremely proud to work as closely as we do with Danny and Joe and try our best to help with any project we can get involved in.

people in need worldwide with jon and gary

In 2013 we donated a Mobility Scooter to a young lady in Codlea near Brasov which changed her life giving her freedom and independence back.

1st donated scooter

This year we donated her a larger scooter which she was extremely grateful for.

2nd donated scooter

We have also donated lots of other products to People In Need Worldwide to help those less fortunate than us.

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